A Warm, Welcoming Place to Come Home to: Selling a House in Winter

Selling a home in winter is considered contrarian, but going that route brings advantages. Most competition will wait for spring so your house will be a big fish in a small pond. And hearty souls who brave the cold are serious buyers. Your job is to show them how warm and welcoming your house can be.

 Keep the Home Fires Burning. Nothing turns a potential buyer off quicker than coming into a chilly house. Your agent may be showing your home while you’re at work, don’t turn down the heat. Don’t think about your energy bills, consider the slight increase an investment in getting a sale.

Make Way for Buyers. Not only does a slippery walk pose a liability, it reminds a potential buyer how much outdoor work a house involves. Ditto, dead leaves and storm debris littering the yard. Keeping the exterior as spotless as the interior showcases the winter charms of your house.

Flood the Senses.  You’ve already made the house a sight to delight. Now for the other four – light a fragrant candle, play soft classical music, add texture with throw pillows and accent rugs, leave a bowl of mints on the table.

For specific tips for your California home, contact me today! I’m Karen Spechler Your Santa Barbara Real Estate Expert.