Buying a Home Like a “Flipper”

“Flipping” houses in our area has become popular once again. Investors are buying properties, fixing them up, and flipping them for a quick profit. You don’t have to be a real estate expert to take advantage of their secrets. An article from MSN recently shared some tips. They include:

  • Investigate the neighborhood. How many houses are available and what have they been recently been selling for?
  • Take your time and look at a lot of homes to get a good feel of what is out there and what property may be a good deal.
  • When you find the right property, offer a higher price than other bidders or put down a larger deposit to show your commitment.
  • Show that you can close quickly.
  • Steer away from houses with structural issues.
  • Get a home inspection and if possible, accompany the inspector.

Knowing some of the secrets of the experts can make buying a home a less stressful experience.  If you are looking to purchase in the Santa Barbara, California area, contact meKaren Spechler.