California Distinguished as State With Nation’s #1 Housing Market

What may have been a surprise to many people who follow national real estate news, is music to the ears of California realtors. After a bumpy year during which the state’s housing market consistently ranked poorly against national statistics, the California real estate market is once again full of life!

Zillow’s new data, which the real estate giant released in December of 2013, shows that five California cities earned spots on the list of the nation’s top ten cities with the strongest housing market. Of those ten cities, the top four were all in California, and the 5th California city earned the #10 spot.


The cities and their ranks are:

#1 San José

#2 San Francisco

#3 Los Angeles

#4 San Diego

#5 Sacramento


The remaining cities on the list include three cities in the Northeastern part of the country – Boston, New York City, and Pittsburgh, and two cities in the western part of the nation – Denver and Portland.

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