Dramatic Changes Top List of New 2014 Kitchen Design Trends

The results of the Zillow Digs Home Design Report for 2014 show a dramatic change in what current and prospective home buyers want in kitchen design. Past kitchen designs favored solid wood cabinets in natural wood tones against shiny granite. The new trend includes stark differences, including either entirely open shelves or cabinets with glass front doors.

Design expert Kerrie Kelly shared recommendations that can help homeowners who want to remodel their kitchens, or prospective homeowners who may want to remodel a kitchen in the home they buy, get the look in their own homes, and use the look in other places in their homes.

Glass-Front Door Cabinets and Open Shelves

One of the popular new kitchen trends involve creating cabinet front doors with glass that shows off collectibles and kitchen equipment. An alternative to glass front doors involve shelves that are completely open – without any doors. This allows people to show off exotic foods, fancy cookware, collectibles or even cookbooks. When kitchen trends involve going for this type of look, Kelly urges homeowners to be careful about the other materials they use. Accent painted glass-front door cabinets with fun handles or knobs to give the kitchen a more unique and personalized look.

Honed Black Counters

The interesting color variations of granite are a thing of the past. The new trend shows black granite or quartz with a honed finished, either with the textured appearance of leather, or a simple matte finish. Homeowners also like the idea of contrasting the dark surface with another area, like an island, where the surface is lighter. Marble is a popular choice.

Darker Colors

Neutral colors that have been popular are a thing of the past. A desire for darker colors  is another new trend in 2014. Kelly stresses that using dark colors in small room will make it look even smaller. Her advice to people who must have those dark colors are to consider painting the insides of the glass-door or open shelves with that darker color, or use it on an accent wall or the floor. A darker floor will is a nice contrast against lighter walls and cabinets, and the dark counter.

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