Effectiveness of Personal Touches in Homebuying Process

Many home buyers underestimate the effectiveness of personal touches during the home buying process because they assume that it is simply a monetary transaction. However, home buyers should recognize that just as a home buying process is personal and emotional to them a home selling process often is to the seller. Many sellers appreciate personal touches during the home buying process because it gives them a good idea of what the buyer is intending to do with the home and it also gives them a positive feeling about the buyer themselves.

Writing a letter to the seller about their plans for the home is an excellent way to assure a seller that their home will be taken care of. Buyers can also consider including photos of their family to allow the seller to picture their family in the home in much the way that the buyer is already doing. Even sellers that aren’t emotionally attached to their property may find that this allows them to connect with the buyer in a way that they may not have connected to the other offers.

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