January Existing-Home Sales Hold with Steady Price Gains, Seller’s Market Developing

The depressed economy, thousands of foreclosures on homes, job losses hurt the real estate industry in the last few years. In the real estate industry homes are selling, buyers are buying and things seem to be looking up to the extent that there may be a shortfall in inventory in some states in the coming months.

The real estate market Santa Barbara is increasing. In recent weeks, the investor demand is increasing, in addition to people are selling, and the price gains in Santa Barbara, CA is increasing. This last December 2012 represented a lower buyers market due to low inventory. It is now a sellers market and people are buying. Karen Spechler, skilled real estate agent for Santa Barbara can will work with clients to sell or find buyers for clients in the area.

January 2013 has been the strongest real estate market in seven years. Consumers investing in foreclosed homes realized a 20 percent cut in fair value. Just of 30 percent of the buyers in the last, few months were first time homeowners.

Real estate market Santa Barbara are helping sellers to strike deals quickly while trying to keep the homeowners investment. Real estate professional Karen Spechler says it is a sellers market and homes are at a premium. Contact Karen Spechler today in the Santa Barbara area for all of you real estate needs.