January Pending Home Sales Up in All Regions

Home remodifiction and the lower interest rates this past year have made the real estate market a buyers and sellers market. January is so far proving to be a big month in real estate news with an increase in pending home sales. January has shown to be one of the most prosperous months in a long time for the real estate industry, according to the California State Real Estate Association.

This tremendous sales increase is giving most an eye into the future of the real estate industry in and around the Santa Barbara area. It is anticipated with the coming of spring, many more pending home sales are going to transpire.

Property investor and cash buyers are going to be giving many first time homeowners a challenging competition. One thing is for sure, anyone in the market for a home or business will need to acquire a knowledgeable and skilled real estate agent who the client can trust to work for him or her and find them what they are looking for, in a price range fitting their budget.

Contact Karen Spechler a proven quality real estate agent for areas in and around Santa Barbara, California. Daren Spechler will work hard to satisfy everyone’s real estate expectations in this wonderful city of Santa Barbara where doors are reopening to those seeking employment opportunities.