Sellers Prepare For The Spring Market!

Spring is a great time to sell! When the weather warms up, buyers come out to deal. These tips will help you get ready to sell your house.

  1. Reduce clutter and start packing now. When your house sells, you don’t want miles of clutter to sort through in your garage. Start packing the seasonal things you aren’t using and start recycling or giving away that which you never use. Reducing clutter laying around is a key element of staging, and may help your house sell more quickly.
  2.  Make small home improvements. Speaking of staging, now is the time to start checking your "to-do" items off your home improvement list. Paint the front door, clean up the spare bedroom, fix that leaky faucet and plant the annuals in the front yard. Your house needs to be in good shape for potential buyers.
  3. Start getting organized. It may seem premature to start packing before you have found a home, but you are eventually going to do it anyway. Start organizing and sorting through your closets and garage to see if there are items you can throw away before lugging it all away.
  4. Find the right realtor for you. You need a real estate expert who is familiar with your market. 

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