Shed a Little Light on Your Home with These Tips

When it comes to interior lights and design in your home, there are finer points that you may easily overlook, such as the benefits of dimmer switches for light control. When you want to make sure that you are getting the purest light possible on your mirrors, side lighting is best because overhead lights will cast shadows. To light your work surfaces without casting shadows or blocking a light from above the counter, look for recessed lights installed at counter-level.

Track lighting is a good way to cast light directly over a collection of art. If you want to spotlight one piece in the collection, a piece-specific light can highlight it. Mount a light on the ceiling over a textured wall to cast a soft light down the wall, illuminating the texture. Use LED lights in your recessed lighting for the best results, including under-cabinet lighting. To light a dining area, position the overhead fixture so the base is less than three feet over the table. For some contrast, use various lighting fixtures and maintain areas of shadow to offset the well-lit space. Karen Spechler at Coldwell Banker can help you find the perfectly-lit home for your needs.