The BEST Santa Barbara Hikes

Goleta to Ellwood Beach Hike

It goes without question that the Santa Barbara area is truly one of the most beautiful regions in California, if not the world. While there are many great hikes to attempt in Santa Barbara, the Goleta to Ellwood Beach Hike is one that covers flat beach spans, as well as, more challenging uphill terrain on the bluffs above the beach. What’s more, this hike begins in the Isla Vista area at Campus Point and makes its way along the gorgeous Santa Barbara coastline.

Tunnel Trail

The Tunnel Trail hike is one of the more challenging, but also popular hikes in the Santa Barbara area. With its start only a few short miles from State Street, this hike is full of diverse terrain and substantial uphill climbs. For such reason, the trail is also a hot spot for mountain bikers, and quickly ascends to Santa Barbara’s La Cumbre Peak, its highest point of elevation at nearly 4,000 feet above sea level. Stretching roughly 10 miles round trip, the tunnel trail is a hike full of beautiful sights and wonderful adventure, but does take a solid conditioning level if you wish to fully tackle it.