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The Unbeatable Value of Santa Barbara Real Estate

  • February 1, 2013
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Santa Barbara, California is not only rich in it’s history.  It is a city and county that holds a wealth of scenic views, Mediterranean-like landscape and climate, and a lifestyle that is truly original and unique to its setting.

From the hills of Montecito to the rolling landscape of the Santa Barbara mesa, one will find an upscale beach community that is filled with culture found in it’s restaurants, art, and historical landmarks. The city boasts a plethora of  fun things to do for couples and families alike, year round.

Among the key features of the City, involve:

  • State Street- a street filled with boutiques, shopping, eateries, music, nightlife, and entertainment for all walks of life and ages.
  • University of California, Santa Barbara, one of the most highly sought after educational institutions in the nation.
  • Beautiful, serene beaches that span the coastline, holding a multitude of water activities to take part in such as: surfing, sailing, beach volleyball. kite boarding, bicycling, fishing, skating, beach cruising, night walks on the beach, etc. The opportunities the beach lends to its residents truly is never ending.
  • The Harbor- an upscale harbor holding sailboats and yachts that are just a short, relaxing cruise to the Channel Islands National Park.

Santa Barbara truly is the hidden gym nestled in on the coast of California. Karen Spechler is a specialized real estate agent for residential properties in this beautifully cultured beach community. Contact Karen today for special insights on Santa Barbara as she remains a seasoned veteran in the real estate market in Santa Barbara, Ca. Put your residential needs in the hands of Ms. Spechler as she will glide you into your dream home, for the price you want and need.


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