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Check Out These 3 Latest Design Trends Of 2013

  • February 20, 2013
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Does anyone remember having lacy throw pillows for the couch or bright pink wall tiles in the bathroom? At one time in the past, those where the current design trends for homes. Everybody had Victorian style curtains in the dining room, dark wood wall paneling in the living room and linoleum tiles in the kitchen.

Thankfully, certain design trends come and go while others are always on the verge of making a comeback. Now, people are adopting more modern looks and bold colors to add a bit of flair to their home decor. Below you will find the 3 latest design trends for 2013.

Design Trend #1: Floral Prints Are Not Just For Clothes

Floral prints of bright patterns on white backgrounds are making their appearance in many design trends. You can find floral pattern fabric on throw pillows, couches, ottomans, drapes and chair cushions as this creates a comforting feeling to the room. Don’t just limit yourself to the furniture. Add floral designs to wallpaper, artwork and floor rugs.

Design Trend #2: Bring In The Light With Lamps

Some rooms simply are not designed with a lot of windows to bring in the natural light. So people must find other means to brighten up the interior of a room. The latest design trend of 2013 involves shying away from track lighting or ceiling lights that have been popular in other years. Now, ceramic and brass lamps are becoming great decor trends for every room.

Design Trend #3: Vintage Is In

Vintage is in when it comes to remodeling a living room, dining room and bedroom. A vintage dresser or table with distressed wood can be placed into any type of house whether you love Victorian-style homes, traditional homes or rustic homes. Check out your grandmother’s items placed into storage in the attic as you can find the perfect piece which will liven up the room.

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