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Things to Look for When Buying a Home

  • April 12, 2013
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Buying a home is an exciting time for any individual or family, but it is also a time to use caution. Rushing into the real estate market can result in costly or unexpected repairs. Although a real estate agent can point out of some the possible problems in Santa Barbara, it is important to recognize a few of the trouble signs.


Although mold and mildew are not always a sign of serious problems, it is important to look for mold growth and find out if it means the house will have costly repairs later. A full inspection will often catch hidden mold and will determine the extent of the damage.

Doors and Windows

Checking that all of the doors in the house and all of the windows open and close properly is a key part of ensuring the house has not shifted. If the doors do not close or the windows are not aligned, it might be a sign of shifting, which requires some repairs.

Having an idea of what to look for before buying will cut back on the headaches after the purchase goes through. To learn more about the possible concerns, contact Karen Spechler.

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