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Interior Design Trends of 2013

  • May 31, 2013
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As your source for everything housing related in Santa Barbara, California, Karen Spechler, of Coldwell Banker, tracks everything from market prices to interior design trends.

In fact, Karen offers the following information on interior design trends for the remainder of 2013:

Look for diverse, eye-popping decor this year. Interior designers are casting rules aside in favor of experimentation, using textures, prints, colors, patterns and curves to freshen up living spaces.

Many designers are looking to the Far East for inspiration, incorporating options such as Japanese moving walls and screens, some with glass elements.

Speaking of glass, expect to see more of it used in home decor, including gilded glass panels.

Possibly the most unorthodox interior design trend of 2013 is the addition of indoor graffiti. Look for wallpaper to resemble street art in its imperfection and playfulness.

Karen Spechler has been a top producing real estate agent in Santa Barbara since 1993, averaging more than 50 sales per year. She is a marketing specialist for condominium and residential properties. A Santa Barbara native, she has been a real estate professional since 1976.

To learn more about real estate trends and options, contact Karen Spechler today.

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