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Check Out The Many Santa Barbara Wineries!

  • July 3, 2013
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Living in the Santa Barbara area means living in the heart of wine country. What better way to entertain friends or have a night cap than with a glass of Santa Barbara wine from one of the local wineries?

Today, wineries offer more than just their wines. They offer an afternoon of enjoyment. So stop your whining and start your wining!

  • Carr Winery has a happy hour each Thursday and Friday. They host parties during the year, have winemaker dinners, art shows, and you can book a private party if you like. They also bring in live music for atmosphere.
  • Kalyra Winery has two wine tasting rooms for you to sample their wines, movie nights at their amphitheatre, and they have other events throughout the summer. You can also join their wine club.
  • What better name the Santa Barbara Winery? This winery is open every day and can host your birthday, anniversary, or reunion party. You can also be a member of their wine club.

Karen Spechler is in the Santa Barbara area and likes to keep her clients and future clients aware of the things that the area has to offer. If you are looking to sell your home or relocating to the area, contact Karen Spechler today.

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