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Top 10 Reasons to be Excited About the Real Estate Market

  • August 30, 2013
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The real estate market is currently absolutely booming, which has led many people to be optimistic about it. Those that are interested in knowing more about the real estate market should be aware of these solid reasons to be positive about the current economic situation.

  1. Fewer homeowners have been reported to be underwater in their mortgages, which is a good sign for the housing industry and the economy.
  2. Housing values have been steadily rising.
  3. Interest rates are still low, though they may become higher in coming years.
  4. Many housing markets are showing marked levels of improvement.
  5. More of the population is saying that it’s a seller’s market.
  6. The real estate market is driving the economic recovery from the recession.
  7. Builders are becoming more confident in the industry, and more willing to plan new developments.
  8. Foreclosure levels are steadily falling, and will soon meet pre-crash levels.
  9. More new households are being developed through the housing market.
  10. Mortgage loans and new home purchases are steadily rising, indicating more purchases overall and more lender confidence.

For more information about the real estate market contact Karen Spechler, your Santa Barbara real estate expert.

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