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Have You Outgrown Your Home?

  • December 23, 2013
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Have you been tripping over your kids’ toys? Have you started having to put some canned goods in your linen closet because you ran out of room in your pantry? Maybe you’ve started to outgrown your home, but how do you know for sure? Here are five signs that it’s time to start looking for a different house and make that move:

  1. Your Family Is Growing – Most people outgrow their homes because they have a baby. If toys seem to be taking over your home or the kids can’t stay in their room comfortably, it’s time to get a larger home.
  2. You Don’t Have Enough Space For Your Stuff – Many homeowners decide it is time for a bigger house because they don’t have the room to store their collections or room for all of their furniture. This causes the house to feel cramped, which is the last thing anyone wants.
  3. You Entertain Frequently – If you have a lot of dinner parties, barbeques or other parties, you may find that you need not only a larger home, but a home that is more suited for entertaining.
  4. You Have New Pets – That puppy that you got last year may have been the right size for your home at the time, but now that she is five times bigger, there’s probably not enough room for her. You may find yourself in the need for a larger home – and one with a large backyard for your dog.
  5. You’re Getting Older – Just because you’re outgrowing your home does not mean that you need to upgrade. In fact, if you’re getting older and don’t need the extra space you once had, it may be time to downgrade. This is very common for empty nesters these days.

If you fall into any one or more of the above categories, then it’s time to move on. If you need help finding your new California home, contact me today! My name is Karen Spechler and I am a Santa Barbara real estate expert.

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