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2013 Home Design Trends Wrap-Up of Hits and Misses

  • December 30, 2013
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As future home buyers, current homeowners, real estate, design and construction experts look back on 2013, there will probably be a unanimous consensus that there were both unexpected design trends and some predictable trends.


What Were the Design Successes?


#1 Move over hardwood. Enter vinyl planks. The use of vinyl planks that are designed to look like hardwood became an alternative for spaces like bathrooms where traditional hardwood wouldn’t be practical. This is not your grandmother’s vinyl, but something entirely new, and cool enough that unsuspecting guests might just mistake it for real wood.


#2 Gray – Goodbye beige, and stark, but sleek black and white. Gray has become the newest neutral. People are choosing to use dark gray on counters, or use a dark gray wash on wood kitchen cabinets or hardwood floors. If you’re going to use dark gray on walls, though, consider using it on one wall as an accent. Otherwise, you risk making a small room look even smaller.


#3 – Reclaimed wood – People are becoming more Eco-friendly in many ways, not just when it comes recycling and composting– in fact reclaimed and refinished wood products are among the most popular home design products of this year.

#4 – Say goodbye to nylon carpeting. As the cost of petroleum rises, savvy homeowners are seeing the benefit of spending a bit more money to get wool carpeting. The upside of wool is that the texture will not show dirt as much, and wool is much more durable.

#5 – Who said outdoor fabric could only be used outside? Families are seeing the potential benefit of using outdoor fabrics inside the home, simply because those fabrics are designed to withstand all sorts of weather, so they’ll probably stand up to the wear they get from active children.

#6 – Designing a home to be a home, not a product for sale. Homeowners may be feeling secure enough in the housing market to want to move into their home, not tiptoe gently, as though they may have to sell it at any moment. As a result, homes are looking like they’re lived in. Renovation is also big, as people want a floor plan to work well for their lifestyles. Redecorating isn’t as popular as it once was since people have opted to undertake large-scale remodeling projects.

#7 The use of green building products. As people become more concerned about their own carbon foot print, and the energy saving and economic benefits of green construction, people are looking for new homes that are built to those standards. 

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