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Five New Year’s Resolutions for the Home

  • January 1, 2014
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Don’t limit your New Year’s resolutions to the typical things like saving more money or losing a few pounds. Make some resolutions this year about sprucing up your home and improving the way that it operates. Here are five resolutions to inspire you to make your home better than ever in 2014.

1. Reduce wasted energy and water.

Wasting electricity is just throwing money out the window each day. Figure out where you are wasting electricity, and eliminate those problem areas. Change all of your light bulbs to energy efficient halogen bulbs. Replace faulty seals on the refrigerator and freezer, so all the cold air stays where it is supposed to. Get rid of old appliances, and replace them with efficient newer models.

While you are at it, check all of your sinks, toilets, and showers for leaks and drips. Most of these leaks are easy and inexpensive to repair. Check your garden hose for cracks and leaks, so you won’t be watering the pavement as you water your flowers this summer.

2. Improve the quality of your indoor air.

Are you using cheap furnace filters? High efficiency filters can capture as much as 99 percent of impurities in the indoor air. Change your filter at least once a month to maintain your unit’s efficiency.  Use your kitchen vent hood and bathroom fan to ventilate cooking odors and excess humidity from the house.

3. Decrease maintenance by doing high-quality repairs.

If you choose cheap replacement parts, you will be repairing things again in just a year or two. Use high-quality replacement parts that are the very best that you can afford. Choose items that are maintenance-free when you are improving your home, such as ceramic tile and fiber-cement siding.

4. Get out of debt.

When you live the debt-free life, you will be able to save up for home repairs and improvements. You will be able to have the home of your dreams when you are not paying hundreds of dollars in interest on debts that you owe. Work your budget to pay off loans, and then use the excess funds to save up to pay cash for home improvements.

5. Share home improvement projects.

Have some family bonding moments by tackling do-it-yourself projects as a family. Even pre-teens and teens can have a blast working on a project as a family. Put on some fun music, get out the tools, and spend time together as a family.

If you put these five suggestions in place, your home will be a fabulous place by the end of 2014. Don’t put off those home improvement tasks that you’ve been thinking about for a few years. Make them a part of your New Year’s resolutions and get started on them today.

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